Junhyung – Flower

Hello everyone! It’s been a while! I hope you’re all doing well and that 2014 will be amazing for you. While it might not be everyone’s favourite topic, I’ll be doing a mini-album review for Junhyung’s “Flower”. Hopefully, after this post, I’ll find more time to post other stuff like recipes and other random posts! […]

2013 MAMA Awards

BELOW ARE MY OPINIONS ON THE AWARDS. RESPECT THEM, KTHNX. First of all, let me just say: Congratulations to all of the artists who got their awards! You guys all worked hard, and you deserve to be acknowledged for your dedication. While I may proceed to show disagreement with some of the results, I hope […]

G-Dragon – 니가 뭔데 (WHO YOU?)

I’ll tell everyone right now: Normally, I’m not the type to be interested in G-Dragon’s music. As much as I respect him as an artist, and I think it’s amazing what he’s doing with his career; his musical style just isn’t for me. When I first heard “Coup d’etat”, I was kind of just sitting […]

Trouble Maker’s “Chemistry” Album!

Trou-a-a-a-ble! Trouble, Trou-Trouble Maker! Trouble Maker’s finally back and I’m so excited! I was anticipating this the first time I saw Hyuna’s Instagram update with a picture of her and Hyunseung in front of the “CUBE Studio” wall. After CUBE officially announced that Trouble Maker was making a comeback, I was beyond excited. For me, […]

Happy Birthday Lay!

This is cheesy as hell. I never quite understood the point of people writing “Happy Birthday” messages to celebrities on their blogs since I’m 90% sure that the celebrity will probably never see it. That being said, I tend to make no sense anyways. Rather than a “Happy Birthday” message, I’ll do a mix of […]