Junhyung – Flower

Hello everyone! It’s been a while! I hope you’re all doing well and that 2014 will be amazing for you.

While it might not be everyone’s favourite topic, I’ll be doing a mini-album review for Junhyung’s “Flower”. Hopefully, after this post, I’ll find more time to post other stuff like recipes and other random posts!

On December 13th, Junhyung’s first solo album, “Flower”, was released. Soon after, the title track, also named “Flower”, topped as #1 on 4 different Korean music charts!

The album was completely composed and written by Junhyung himself, but we can see on the track-list that Kim Tae Joo, a fellow composer, has helped Junhyung with the creative process!

The album also features some of our favourite CUBE artists including G.NA and Yoseob!

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the MV for the title track, “Flower”!

For those of you who appreciated B2ST’s “Shadow” MV, or Yoseob’s “Caffeine”, you’d probably enjoyed this one as well! It was a great mix between dark, creepy, and artistically beautiful! The song itself was also amazing; nothing less from our talented producer, Junhyung!

For those of you who are scared that it’ll be mostly rap, and perhaps hip-hop isn’t your favourite genre, this song would prove otherwise. It struck a fine balance between rap, and a very modern jazz-RnB feel. I know I was surprised when I heard Junhyung singing in the chorus, and him hitting those high notes so perfectly!

The title track and MV aside, let’s look at the rest of the album!

The first track is an intro song titled “Nothing is Forever”! Like most K-pop title tracks, this one is only 1:15 minutes long, but it’s still quite lovely. It’s a short hip-hop like track, with the whole song being rapped. Now, if you generally have a problem with Engrish, then this short little intro probably wouldn’t be one of your favourites. As most B2utys would know, while Junhyung is multi-talented, English is really not in his forte. Nonetheless, we’re not here to critque English, but the music itself! I personally liked the song, and wish there was a longer version.

The second track is “Flower”, which everyone, if you have read this far, would probably have seen and heard!

The third track is titled “Anything” and it features G.NA. This song was highly anticipated for me because G.NA’s debut track, “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live”, which featured Junhyung, was, and still is one of my favourite K-Pop songs! While this track is really not that much alike to that song, this was still great.

“Anything” is your good ol’ medium-tempo K-pop song, but with a nice twist! The song itself was like a conversation between two lovers, with the guy asking the girl to trust him, and that he’d do anything for her. It’s your typical love song, but because of the way that it’s like a conversation, bouncing back and forth between the two, as opposed to the generic duets which feature one person singing the majority of the song, and the other doing a quick chorus, “Anything” really moves you!

If you liked the tracks that Trouble Maker did on their album, “Chemistry”, you’d likely like this song as well!

Track number four is titled “Slow”. As the title suggests, the song has a relatively slow tempo. Not something that we’re quite use to hearing from Junhyung, but it was an interesting change. Ironically, the rap itself was pretty darn fast. It’s a soothing, relaxing song, but for those who don’t like slow songs, don’t worry! Give it a try; you’ll notice that it’s likely to be faster than you expect. Junhyung actually sings for the majority of the song, which B2utys could get used to!

The last song is something we’ve already heard many times already! It’s the piano version of “Caffeine”, featuring Yoseob!

Now, put this song next to “Slow”, and you’ll perhaps find that “Slow” is actually pretty darn fast! This song is the exact same lyrics we heard for “Caffeine”, but slowed down. Junhyung sings everything except the chorus, and his voice is just so mellow, that you’re likely to feel yourself falling asleep. But that’s okay, right? Who wouldn’t want Junhyung to sing them to sleep? Beautiful song, as we already know, but just a different take on it. Maybe now you guys can choose which version you like more?

Overall, Junhyung’s album was great! We got to see the different sides of Junhyung, and how big his range of singing and rapping abilities extend!

For super cute and fun behind-the-scenes look at the production of “Flower”, check out these clips below:



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