2013 MAMA Awards


First of all, let me just say: Congratulations to all of the artists who got their awards! You guys all worked hard, and you deserve to be acknowledged for your dedication. While I may proceed to show disagreement with some of the results, I hope everyone understands that I respect all the artists and this is simply my opinion.

The order that I’ll be discussing is based off the order that Allkpop has listed.

Note: If I don’t mention the award/result below, it’s probably because I’m indifferent/I don’t know much about the nominees/I agree about who the winners were.

First off, SNSD for “Best Female Group”. Let me just start off by saying that I’m a SONE, and I absolutely love this group. While their songs aren’t always the best, I still watch almost all their stages because they always give such an amazing performances. As the only song they released this year was “I Got A Boy”, I felt like this award should have went to someone else. This isn’t because I don’t think they don’t deserve an award for ONE comeback, but more because I felt that song was very… mediocre. While it was catchy, it was just… eh overall for me. I personally voted for 4minute because I felt like both “What’s Your Name?” and “Is It Poppin’?” were really catchy and well done. They won a fair amount of awards on music programs for “What’s Your Name?” and I felt like they worked extra hard especially when Hyuna was hospitalized due to over-exhaustion. Nonetheless, congrats to SNSD! (Aside: Hyoyeon looked so pretty at the awards!)

“Best Male Group” went to INFINITE. I don’t know much about INFINITE, and I only got into them this year, or was it last year, when INFINITE-H released “Special Girl” and it became one of my favourite songs. From there, I listened to “Man In Love” and “Destiny”. Personally, I didn’t like “Destiny”, but not because it wasn’t good, but because it just wasn’t my preferred type of music/song. For this category, I voted for EXO. Now, before people go and say that I’m just another crazy EXO fan, let me talk. As much as I love EXO, I think many people can agree with me that they’re growing too fast. They’re breaking all these records, winning all the awards, and I just feel like it’s too much accomplishment for a group that’s less than 2 years old. Nonetheless, we can’t deny that EXO has probably garnered the most attention this year, and it would make a lot more sense if they won this award, no? That being said, INFINITE is without a doubt, one of the most popular male groups out there, and I’m happy for them!

“Best Dance Performance – Female Group” went to SISTAR for “Give it to Me”. I felt like this award probably bothered me the most because I felt like the choreography for “Give it to Me” was fairly weak. Granted, it’s not like they could have done serious popping moves for that song, but it just felt like it lacked something. I just feel like a simple dance with a chorus-dance that focused on them shaking their hands and side-hip thrusts showing off their legs wasn’t that great. I personally voted for SNSD’s “I Got A Boy”. While that song wasn’t the best for me, I really liked the dance. It was cute, sexy, and fun all in one, and I really appreciated the mild popping, the hip swaying, and everything. At the end of the day though, it’s not like I’m an amazing dancer myself, and I’m sure SISTAR worked hard to perfect that dance.

“Best Dance Performance – Male Group” went to SHINee for “Dream Girl”. Even though I’m a Shawol, and I’ve been following SHINee since the first day they debuted, I really felt like “Growl” by EXO was a better dance. Even if you’re not an EXO fan, I feel like we can all appreciate their dance for “Growl”. Especially in the MV, or in certain live performances, I really liked the camera being turned back and forth between the two sides. The dance was so smooth and just, for lack of better words, cool. It was so well executed each performance, and I couldn’t stop watching! Nonetheless, we all know that SHINee will always be known for their amazing dances and dancing skill, and “Dream Girl” was not a easy dance, especially with the microphone stands.

Moving on though, let’s look at some of the awesome performances that I personally enjoyed:

I love 2NE1’s performance here. They all look very sleek and chic, and it’s a look that works really well on them. Plus, they balance it with a bit of their normal crazy colours and accessories, and that’s also really nice to see. While I’m not normally a bit fan of 2NE1, I really like Minzy’s singing parts in their new song, “Missing You”. Overall, it’s such a beautiful performance!

If you’ve been following me, you know that I absolutely love anything that TroubleMaker releases. Two reasons why I love this performance: 1, Hyuna and gun, looking badass, and 2, TroubleMaker kissing. I don’t know why I still get excited from them kissing, since they’ve done it so many times. Nonetheless, each time, my heart still goes dokidoki for them. Please just tell me you guys are together! Now, while I love this duo, somehow… Hyunseung with only a jacket and no shirt kind of bothers me. It’s like he thought, “I’ll be a lot sexier without a top! — No, nope, no wait, too chilly. Grab me a jacket!” to which his coordi noona might say, “But wouldn’t it make more sense to wear a shirt?” Insert Hyunseung frolicking away happily with only his jacket.

And of course, this year’s awards shows and whatnot wouldn’t be complete with a performance from EXO. I really liked what they did here with Luhan and Kai fighting over the girl/camera. Not much to say other than the fact that it was another great stage.



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