“Snitches get stitches” … or bad grades?

So recently, I’ve had a mini project due for my online course. It’s not worth a lot; only 1.5% of my grade, but hey, after my social stats mishap, I need to grab every mark I can.

The instructions for this assignment were the most vague things you’d ever have read. It basically just tells me I have to write a report on this given topic. But… how would you like the report done? How long does it need to be? What format exactly? The textbook format and the given topic are two different things… WHAT?!

So, I emailed my teacher’s assistant (TA), and asked him for further clarifications. I waited almost 4 days, but there was no reply, and the mini-assignment was due the next day. I decided to e-mail my prof, explaining the situation, and asked for a more detailed description of what she’s looking for.

She replied back, adding my TA into the e-mail, and gave me a better, but still vague answer.

ASIDE: Something I really hate is VAGUE descriptions for tasks. If this was a basic task, like “Fetch me a water bottle”, then yeah, sure, no need for further clarification. But this is for my education, so please… please… just give me a more specific idea of what you want. All throughout high-school, I’ve encountered this every year, where I’d have to speak with my teacher 50 times for an assignment just because their instructions were so shit.

Anyways, in my professor’s case here though, while it’s vague, it still gives me a fairly decent idea of what to do. So I’m good… for now.

What I’m here worried about is the fact that she included my TA in the e-mail. Which means, he’s now going to see that I wrote, “Dear Professor. X, I have already emailed Mr. TA on Sunday, but he has yet to reply to me!”

I feel like I somehow just put my TA’s career in danger or something. What if he gets into trouble from my professor or something? What if, because of this, he gets angry at me and decides to give me a shitty mark from here on out?

Dear Mr. TA: Please don’t hate me. I just want a good mark!


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