Backing Out

At first, I was going to do an Ailee – Allkpop post about the issue with a very in-depth talk about my opinions on everything that’s been going on.

But, honestly, at this point, I feel like it’s turning into something very angry. Way too angry for me to stick my head into without getting it ripped off by one side or the other.

There’s been so many times when I wanted to post a response to a situation that was blowing up in the K-Pop world, but I would type half the post, and then just delete it, because honestly… I feel like my safety is in jeopardy if I were to post one of those.

Don’t you guys ever feel that the K-Pop netizens/fans/anti-fans are very passionate about matters? To the point that I don’t know if serious violence and criminal activities would happen. I always have this feeling that they’ll track down my IP address or something, and come beat my ass to a pulp.

Sometimes, K-Pop debates on matters get so intense that I feel that it’s more hardcore than Presidential debates or any other serious political or global news debates.

Often times, I see really illogical arguments that I can’t help but facepalm at. It just hurts to see so many people getting caught up in something that has absolutely nothing to do with them.

Honestly, do you know how many times I backspaced this post just because I didn’t want to say anything too offensive that would get me killed?


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