Tetris Stress

After years of people forcing me to play Tetris with them, I’ve finally given in.

And boy, do I hate myself for that. I got addicted so fast, it’s just ridiculous.

Much like those DDR games or TapTap, I’m absolutely horrible at games that require my fingers to move at the speed of light, and my brain to be even faster.

However, because I’m a total idiot, I decided to finally join my friends on Tetris Battle. I got addicted immediately, and I was feeling so proud of myself when I was promoted to Level 5 when I was still on Level 3.

“Damn right, bitches! Who’s the queen of Tetris? ME.”

Little did I know, Level 5 is almost as hard as my Stats course. I sucked horribly and then I got demoted back to Level 4 within 30 minutes of playing. In fact, because my computer has been lagging all day, I’ve been doing even worse. I might have just been demoted back to Level 3 just now when I tried to take a printscreen of the Tetris game.


“Sorry, bitches. I guess I’m not the queen of Tetris. Excuse me while I go back to my studies.”

In all honesty though, how do some people do it? I was sitting in stats class the other day, and this Asian guy who was sitting in front of me was playing Tetris on his computer. His fingers on the arrow keys were just… it’s amazing. The guy was on beast-mode, I swear.

So while he’s doing that, I’ll be here with my pudgy fingers and super-slow reactions.

If anyone wants to feel good about their Tetris skills, just ask me for my Tetris Friends username. I guarantee you a huge ego boost.


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