“V”, the she-devil

Apparently there’s a NaBloPoMo going on. First post of the month!

For the sake of this post, I will be referring to this imbecile as “V” instead of her real name.

So, every week, in my online Business-English course, we have to make a minimum of 3 posts regarding a general topic. For example, this week’s topic was “Delivering Bad News”, so my group of approximately 10 people, have to each make 3 posts regarding bad news messages, including topics like: How to deliver bad news, tone and language for bad news delivery, etc. You can either make an original post on a specific topic, or reply to someone’s post.

It’s often easier to write regarding an original topic rather than commenting because it can be hard to critique what others are saying when they simply got the information from a textbook.

Not for “V” though. This girl on my group is constantly replying to my posts, and it’s slowly driving me to insanity.

Nothing she says is ever a coherent thought. She makes no valid arguments, and has serious grammar and spelling issues. She doesn’t proofread her work; constantly writing sentences that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but talking in a tone that exudes such confidence, it can be seen as cocky.

One time, I compared a situation to that of iPhone productions. She replied to me, disagreeing with what I said, and then proceeded to just simply quote what I said.


Excuse my swearing, but for the love of God, please…

If you have nothing good to contribute, then just don’t.

Every time I see her reply to one of my posts, I’m so tempted to reply with this:

Last week, we had to write a fake recommendation later to our “company manager” detailing our suggestions for producing a certain product. We were to post a draft onto the discussion boards on Monday, peer edit at least 3 people’s work by Wednesday, and then hand in the final draft on Friday.

Every time we have these types of workshops, I pray to God that either Sammi or Michael will be critiquing my work. I always feel that they have the best ideas, they know what they’re saying, and most importantly they back-up their suggestions with solid proof/ideas. THEY MAKE SENSE.

Nonetheless, my hopes are crushed each and every time. “V” always manages to be the first person to critique my work, and without fail, she always manages to say the stupidest things. Then, because other people notice that someone has replied to my draft, they feel the need to just move on and edit someone’s work who hasn’t been critiqued yet. So, I end up being stuck with no good suggestions to help me improve, and… ugh.


2 thoughts on ““V”, the she-devil

  1. Hahaha there is always one person in each class like this– even online classes, it would seem. They even try to call the teacher out. Sounds to me like they were given way too many gold stars and pats on the back while they were growing up.

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