Trouble Maker’s “Chemistry” Album!

Trou-a-a-a-ble! Trouble, Trou-Trouble Maker!

Trouble Maker’s finally back and I’m so excited! I was anticipating this the first time I saw Hyuna’s Instagram update with a picture of her and Hyunseung in front of the “CUBE Studio” wall.


After CUBE officially announced that Trouble Maker was making a comeback, I was beyond excited. For me, their comeback was probably the second most anticipated album of the year (right after EXO’s XOXO). I had really loved their debut concept, and I was really stoked to see them winning on all those music programs! Even though some people didn’t appreciate Hyuna because they felt she was too “slutty”, I personally loved her performances! She really adds to Trouble Maker in a way that I don’t feel that any other female K-Pop artist can.

Side rant: I really hate when people say things like, “I hate that CUBE makes Hyuna into this slut! Like, from variety shows, we can tell she’s sooo cute and this ‘sexy’ thing just doesn’t suit her!” I, personally, feel that the fact that she can do this kind of sexy-image despite her cuteness is such an amazing thing. Because of this, she manages to pull off so many types of images that a lot of girls can’t do in the K-Pop industry. Hyuna can look really bad-ass, really cute, really innocent and pure, and really sexy. I can’t help but feel that people who hate on her are just mildly jealous that they can’t be as versatile with their image as Hyuna can.

Anyways, two days ago, Trouble Maker released teaser photos on their site at a certain time every day; one photo every 7 hours. Here are some of the pics:

There’s a ton more, but those are some of my favourites. Anyways, I’ll just cut to the chase and present to you the MV for their title track “Now (There Is No Tomorrow)”:

THAT M/V JUST OOZED SEX. I can’t even begin to explain how much I absolutely adore the concept and the whole feel of the music video.

I loved the trashy feel. I loved that they seemed to be partying it up like crazy, waking up drunk with strangers, livin’ the trailer life, and having very passionate-angry make-outs. I dare anyone to name two people in the K-Pop world who has the type of chemistry they do to produce something like this, do it well, and give you these type of chills.

I loved the sexiness. Something about Hyunseung and Hyuna just radiate sexy. They both have this lustful feeling to them that I just can’t help but adore.

I loved that it’s unique. While we may have seen these kinds of M/V in America, music videos like these are very rare in Korea, I feel. So while it’s nothing particularly new to the World, it’s definitely new to K-Pop, and I admire Trouble Maker for doing it so well.

I loved their chemistry. If you feel that these two don’t have chemistry, I’d really beg to differ. I sincerely hope these two are dating off-screen from being Trouble Maker. I think they go so well together. All the clips I’ve seen of them on YouTube are so adorable, and I ship them way too hard. I want them to be the power couple of the industry; stealing all the awards and hogging all the camera-time.

Anyways, the rest of the album is amazing too! Here’s a poorly-written/half-assed review of their stuff:

1. “Turn Up the Volume”

A slightly slower pop song! Feel-good music! While we all know that singing isn’t what Hyuna is best at, I think that she’s really improving and having a few lines in songs definitely doesn’t hurt anyone‘s ears. Nothing too special, but it’s a nice change from having to see their sexiness everywhere, right? I hope they’ll perform this song during their first week of promotions!

2. “Now (There Is No Tomorrow)”

Refer to the M/V above.

3. “The Girl Who Wants To Play”

This song is definitely slower than the first track. It’s more of a ballad by Hyunseung featuring a small rap from Hyuna than it is “Trouble Maker”. While it’s not my favourite from the album, I still quite like it. Plus, we should all appreciate the fact that Hyuna wrote the lyrics to this song!

4. “Attention (Come Here)”

Kind of has a jazzy feeling to it. If you appreciate something like TTS’s “Twinkle”, you might like this too.

5. “I Like (feat. Flowsik of Aziatix)”

Something about this song gives me a really Britney Spears-feel to it. I don’t quite know how I feel about this song; not my favourite from the album, but it’s good nonetheless.

And that’s the end of their mini-album! Apparently there’s another follow-up kind of album that’s going to have a 19+ rating? Or something like that. I forgot the nitty-gritty details, so check out for updates!


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