OCD? Maybe?

It’s been… slowly… driving me… insane.

Not really, but it has been bothering me a lot. On my last blog post, I spent so much time on editing the formatting of it, that I was pretty much this close to ripping out my hair. If you were to look at it, almost all the pictures alternated between being left-aligned, then right-aligned, and so on. I’d then have the text talking about the picture directly next to it. When I finally finished and published the post, I noticed this:


Excuse me? Why the hell is that sentence not on the left side of the picture no matter how many times I press “enter”? But then, when I went back to edit the post, everything else would get messed up, and I’d spend another 10 minutes tweaking it. When I was finally done, it had worked on Firefox, but not on Chrome. By this time, it was 1AM, and I had things to be studying for the next day, so I decided to just give up and go to bed.

I go back onto my blog again today, AND GUESS WHAT? It’s like this on Firefox too now.

Seriously, this close to punching someone out.

And while I’m now tempted to go back once again and attempt to fix it, a part of me is just like, “Why bother? It’s just gonna end up like that again.” But it’s bothering me so much, I feel like my heart is churning in there. UGH.

That being said though, I don’t actually know if I have OCD. According to the people of the internet, just because you’re bothered when something is out of line, doesn’t necessarily mean you have OCD.

All I know is that when I see pictures like these, it’s very, very annoying:

[More photos here]

Anyways, while we’re on this topic, I really actually wanted to share this video:

In some of the comments, it was stated that he has actually managed to control his OCD so that he doesn’t need to necessarily repeat certain words many times. However, for emphasis and to hit us really hard in the feels, he has decided to do so for this performance.

Truly, one of the best videos on the internet.


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