Into my closet!

When I got my ass back onto WordPress, I noticed that I was apparently following dailypost’s blog here. I really like their “Daily Prompt” topics, and decided to do one that really interested me!

Here’s my response to: Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

Let’s start with “How important are clothes to you?” If we’re going by the saying that everyone needs food, shelter, clothes, and so on, then I’d say that my clothes very goddamn important. But in all honesty, fashion and clothes were never my top priority. Going shopping, and buying new clothes makes me happy, but it’s not exactly something I would base who I am, or my life, on.

As for my style? I’d call it a “I’m-too-lazy-to-even-bother-half-the-time” or “Whatever-the-hell-looks-cool-in-my-eyes”.

Here’s a peek into my closet:

photo 4(2)I’m really like graphic t-shirts. My roommate last year would always say things like, “Oh my gosh, you’re not 12 anymore! Graphic t-shirts are for kiddies in middle school.”

Personally, I really like that graphic t-shirts really get the point across about how you’re feeling today. At least that’s how I pick my t-shirt for the day. If I’m feeling particularly rock today, maybe I’ll wear my black t-shirt that has creepy printed words on it. If I’m feeling a bit weird/creative today, I’ll wear my “Gangnam Style” t-shirt.

Plus, when you get loose-fitting ones, it’s really comfortable, and can be dressed up or down.


photo 5(1)


I also really like collared shirts. Is that what they’re called? Those casual shirts with a collar. A few years ago, the denim shirt came back into style. Then a year later, the army green one is back as well. Before all this, plaid was really popular. I got so much plaid shirts at that time, it’s actually scary.

But anyways, I love that these kinds of shirts, with the sleeve rolled up, is perfect for the fall weather!




photo 4

Something else that I really love is sweaters. I basically grew up wearing only hoodies, before I finally figured that I should some wear other types of clothes. Seriously, hoodies in the summer. Don’t judge me. Even though I’ve started wearing other stuff, autumn/winter is still my favourite time of the year, because I get to throw on all my hoodies.

American Eagle hoodies are one of my favourites, because their sweaters are always so soft, and comfortable!



photo 2

Another one of my fall favourites are windbreakers, or thin jackets.  This one is my current favourite. I bought it online from Taobao (it’s kind of like a Chinese eBay).

It combines my three favourite things right now: the army green colour, the skull, and lace!

This one is from Sears. Not much to say about it, other than the fact that I think it’s really nice. Plus, it was like $10! :

photo 3




For my bottoms, I generally just wear jeans. Even in the summer, I’ll probably still be wearing jeans. Normally, I love the dark-washed ones, but when it’s lighter-coloured, I prefer it to be blue still. I actually really hate white jeans.
Here are two pairs of jeans that I own. Before you go saying anything, that’s grey, not white, ok? The blue one is from American Eagle, and the grey one is from Sears:

photo 1(2)










For shoes, photo 1I really combat-like boots. I especially like the ones that would have studs. This pair was from Sears as well, and I really like the plaid pattern at the top. If I’m not in some sort of boots, you’ll see me in my sneakers. In summer though, I rarely step outside without flip-flops.

When I was younger, I actually never wore anything other than sneakers. No matter the season, I’ll always be wearing them. Then, somehow, last year, I started wearing combat boots, and I fell in love with them. When I visited China in summer ’12, it was too hot for me to wear anything other than flip-flops. Now, I understand why so many girls love to go shoe shopping. You can never have enough!

photo 2(2)



I also really love accessorizing, because I normally like really plain clothes, so I feel the need to add a bit of something to it. On the left are three scarves I got from Ardenes. I actually have a bunch more, with a red one with skulls, a maroon coloured one, and a lot more.

They’re all fashion scarves though, so I’m really not well-equipped for Winter…




For other accessories, I have a really unhealthy obsession photo 3(1)with collecting them. Everywhere store I go into, I always check the accessories area before I look at the actual clothes. On the right, are my current three favourite necklaces. The first one (left) is a birthday gift from a friend. The one in the middle is from Forever 21. Then, the one of the right is bought online from Taobao. It’s actually the symbol for EXO’s Kris Wu.

Then below are my favourite rings. From the left, (1) dragon print, (2) Chinese characters, (3) black with fake diamonds, (4) moon and stars, (5) a poppy/flower:

photo 4(1)









photo 1(1)


For my bracelets, I like going to stores like Aldo, or shopping online for them. The one on the left is bought online from Taobao again. The two next to it is from Aldo. They read, “forget it and move on”, I believe.

The one on the left with the spikes, was actually inspired by Junhyung from B2ST. I believe he has the same one, just in a different colour.

Junhyung has awesome style, ok? Don’t judge me for wearing a “boy bracelet” or anything. Shut up.

To be honest, I don’t feel like I have a style. But, every time I go shopping with my friends, I get comments like, “Oh, that shirt is more your style, not mines!” or, “Oh, I really like your style!”, which leads me to occasionally believe that I do have a style. Because of this, I actually asked some of my friends what they think my style is. What I got was:

“You tend to wear t-shirts with a lot of prints, or sweaters.”

“I don’t remember, but I remember you wearing a lot of sweaters and long-sleeved stuff.”


“It’s more dark, and chic.”

“It’s the opposite of floofy.”

(This is how I described my friend’s style when it’s really white/poofy/clean/innocent-looking.)

How appearance impacts how I feel about myself? To be honest, the most hobo-ish I look, the better I feel, which is quite ironic considering that people say that they generally feel more confident when they’re dressed to impress.


How about I combine all of those, and say my style is “comfortable hobo-chic”. I kind of like that actually.


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