Happy Birthday Lay!

This is cheesy as hell.

I never quite understood the point of people writing “Happy Birthday” messages to celebrities on their blogs since I’m 90% sure that the celebrity will probably never see it.

That being said, I tend to make no sense anyways. Rather than a “Happy Birthday” message, I’ll do a mix of that, and a bit about why Lay makes me happy.

For those of you who don’t know, Lay (Zhang Yixing) is a member of the 12-membered boy-band, EXO. They’re a fairly new group, but they’ve been doing really well recently with their XOXO album, and their promotions for their song “Growl”.

Now, if you’re Korean, and you find some of them to have some weird-ass accent… well, that’s because 4 of them are from China. [EXO is split into EXO-M (Mandarin), and EXO-K (Korean).]

Onto the main point of this…

To be quite honest, I don’t know why Lay is my bias of the group. Generally speaking, I tend to like the member that I can relate to most in terms of languages/nationality. If we’re going by that logic, I’d be head over heels for Kris Wu (the leader of EXO-M), since he’s Canadian, and we speak all the same languages (English, Mandarin, and Cantonese – and my Korean is almost non-existent, but whatever). I tend to also like the vocalists or rappers of the group, which are both things that Lay can do well… it’s just not what he’s known for. Then, I tend to like those bitch-faced, bad-boy types, which dear God, Lay is absolutely not.

This is what Lay is:

All .gifs/photos were taken from elaysium.tumblr.com.

He’s really cute and loveable.

He’s kind of slow and dumb sometimes.

He can play the piano, and the guitar. But this bitch can’t read music sheets, so everything is by ear.

Always humble. Always the last person to leave the stage, because he’s too busy bowing to all the fans.

So yeah, he’s all kinds of floofy, adorable, love, and I don’t really see how that’s anything like the type of idol I normally like. Perhaps this is the inner me telling me that I need to settle down with a nice guy soon. But then, he starts dancing like this, and my kokoro goes dokidoki.

So the birthday message. Hmm…

I guess, I’ll just say, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” I hope you have the best one ever with the rest of EXO. It’s probably hard to celebrate away from your family, but I hope that the other 11 boys will be able to make up for it. Please continue being one of the best dancers, one of the most talented idols around, and the most humble guy ever. How much of a derp you are, how hardworking you are, and how loving you are towards your fans, makes me smile every time I’m down. While I’m stuck here in Canada, you’re working hard in Korea, but I hope one day I get to attend an EXO concert, and get to meet all of you guys! Or maybe, when I visit China again, I’ll stop by Hunan, and pray that you’ll be walking around the streets. Seriously, if you see this message, can you just decide to roam around Changsha one day? It’s good exercise, and you’ll meet me, the girl of your dreams. Anyways, here’s to a wonderful birthday, and many more to come! 🙂

Here’s a shitty translation:

生日快乐!我希望你会有最好的生日! 没有家人在你身边一定是很困难但我希望EXO会让你一样的高兴. 请继续做最好的舞蹈家, 最有才华的偶像, 和最客气的. 你傻乎乎的表情, 你很辛苦的个性, 和你爱兴迷的作风, 让我每一次不开心do会笑起. 虽然我在加拿大, 我希望有一天我可以去看EXO的concert. 或者, 如果我再次回中国, 我会去湖南. 希望可以在街上碰到你. 如果你看到这短话, 你可不可以在长沙走几圈? 对身体健康, 而你也可以和我(你梦想的女神)见面. 不管怎么说, 我现在祝你生日快乐, 和希望你还有更多美丽的日子!


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